Bent pointed out that only “Wilson, Maximin” is not worried about the future with Salika.

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England striker Darren Bent has said Callum Wilson and Allan Saint-Saint-Magician are two Newcastle United players that need not be concerned. His future after the club changed owners.

Salikadong became the richest team in the world after the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) took the club from Mike Ashley for around 305 million. Pound

made sure that after this they will have a huge change in the players in the team. Especially with Amanda Staveley, one of the new board members. Revealing his vision of wanting to bring the team to the next level with Manchester City,

Bent commented that there are only two Newcastle players who don’t have to worry about their future. Two people who weren’t in trouble were Callum Wilson and Saint-Maximin. They would be the last to move. But the rest of them are the ones who have to worry.”

“You look at the position on the scoreboard. How can a player in the bottom team think that they’re okay?”

“I don’t think goalkeepers like Darlow and Dubravka are not the ones who need to accelerate either. But the rest no one thinks ‘I’m ok’ with a team that holds a bottom like this.”

Regarding the new manager expected to replace Streif Bruce, it’s illegal in England. Has been given to Steven Gerrard, the young manager of Rangers. As one of the favorites,

Bent spoke about this matter. “It’s also strange because he doesn’t have much experience. But he did great with the Rangers last year, “

” He is a legend of the Premier League and he’s coming up in terms of team manager. And he’s achieved that too. according to report by ufabet