The dangers of “plastic food preservation”, a danger near the body

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The dangers of “plastic food preservation“, a danger near the body that has been overlook.

Professor Sa-nga Damapong, nutrition consultant at the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, said  people may be underestimating the importance of safe plastic use in food despite which is a material that must come into direct contact with food. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

There is a very high chance that the acidic environment or fat from the encased food could medium of plastic toxicity. contaminated with food. When eating that food, there will be an accumulation of those toxins. Which are all carcinogenic. The use of plastic film for food preservation that is safe and properly used is something that consumers should pay more attention and awareness to.

For consumers who are concerned about their health.

There is now a new alternative that allows them to be more confident in the safety of using food preservative plastic film using world-class standard production technology. Made from PE plastic No plasticizer added because PE is tough It’s already very durable and flexible. therefore able to wrap and touch the food directly

And plastic film for food preservation is not only a necessary tool for the kitchen, but also necessary for the food-related business circles, such as hotels, restaurants, catering and delivery businesses. They all need to pay attention to the selection of quality and reliable food preservation plastic film.