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“Christensen” will extend the contract with Chelsea

Chelsea are set to reach an agreement to extend the contract with the great defender Andres Christensen. with only a slight final change, according to reports. The 25-year-old is the main character of “Sing the Blues. “Under Thomas Tuchel, with the remainder of his contract

Tuchel backs Jorginho fit to win Ballon d’Or

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel thinks Jorginho deserves the Ballon d’Or. Although he thought that personal awards were not the most important thing,Tuchel attended the sporting event. Festival where Trento and the 48-year-old coach shared his thoughts on a number of topics. One such issue was the Ballon

‘Azel K’, the new god child. Debut in the US at the age of 13.

Azel K. young talents Villarreal Monarch’s history as a professional sport in the United States, the youngest only 13 years after getting the opportunity to host the debut on Monday night last application was submitted. Entering the field in the 61st minute in a 0-0