Arsenal have revealed the name of the new coach

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Arsenal have revealed the name of the new coach. They are looking to replace if Arteta loses.

UFABET media revealed There is a chance that the Premier League Musical Chairs game will happen again. And it may in the list of favorites to win this season like Arsenal. Who have the right to lose Mikel Arteta in the near future. But the Arsenal team already has a coach who is a target for pulling in to work as well, which is Brighton boss Roberto De Serbi.

This season, Arteta has the potential to lead Arsenal to Premier League glory this season. After a team that hasn’t been successful since the Arsene Wenger era, Arteta’s success could be a double-edged sword. causing them to easily lose the top Spanish coaches

With Real Madrid risking losing Carlo Ancelotti to try and take charge of the Brazilian national team after this season, the “White King” has to look for a new manager. and catches the eye with Arteta

However, Tuttosport say if Arteta is to be lost, Arsenal will approach De Zerbi to leave seaside Brighton to take up a job in the capital.

For De Serbi, it has just become more famous in English football. only in this season From coming to work with Brighton instead of Graham Potter and making the Seagull team play consistently well. The 43-year-old Italian coach had work with a small team. In his homeland, there are many clubs such as Fogja, Palermo, Benevento, Sassuolo, as well as taking a job in Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk.