Carragher shyly searches agu for a history of the host couple.

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Liverpool legend. Jamie Carragher is embarrassed. when he was caught using google to read the history of Maurice Edu.

The host couple who took charge of the champions league game, he said, “i’m not going to let you go.” league midweek.

“er” sitting on wikipedia to read edu’s information on his ipad.

During their arrival at work criticizing european football, last wednesday

night, micah richards, another host on cbs’s show, secretly took the photo before it unfolded in the air.

For edu, it’s a former american player.

He was traded to glasgow between 2008 and 2012.

When asked about searching that information.

Carragher, said: “i don’t know. answered embarrassedly: “yes. i used agu to find him before i came in. did you take

a picture?” “just interested in the details.”

Jamie Carragher, a sky sports analyst, praised Manchester united’s performance in last weekend’s 3-0 league win over spurs. Showing the potential for pressing the dancing on minus the insults of the locals. i hope to build on the away games. atalanta or manchester derby match

edu joked: “thank you, bro. thank you! hey, he’s

prepared before,” said edu, who only played in the premier league when he came on as a substitute for stoke city against liverpool in 2012, when carragher was a substitute.