Chelsea legends chant Lampard ‘absolute nonsense’

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Chelsea legends chant Lampard ‘absolute nonsense’

Leeds United legend Johnny Giles has slammed Chelsea’s decision to re-sign Frank Lampard as “absurd”. And there is not even the slightest need for the last two months of this season.

Chelsea sacked Graham Potter a few days ago. And do not allow the right hand to sit in the acting coach’s chair 1 game like Bruno Saltor has made the team until the end of the season. But chose to grab old coach Lampard to take the reins with a short two-month contract.

The reason why Chelsea choose this way is because they still have the UEFA Champions League final 8 teams to win. By preparing to leave for a trip to Spain to attack Real Madrid for the first time on Wednesday, April 12, therefore it is better to use an experienced coach like Lampard to lead the team instead of a novice like Bruno Saltor

However, Grandfather Giles, 82, said ahead of Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to Wolves in Super Frank’s second-round debut: “It’s complete nonsense Frank Lae. Mpard took over the team until the end of the season. But I don’t see what miracles he can do. in order to have a permanent contract again. When the time is right.”

“Potter has only been working here for a few months, so many signings don’t even come from pointing his finger. The team owner is responsible. Why don’t you let Potter do his job until the end of the season?”

“He should have done his work until he saw red and black. It’s always difficult when there are so many changes within the team. and he should not be held responsible for this.”

“It’s a big job managing Chelsea,” said the 44-year-old, who replaced caretaker Bruno Saltor. “We knew we weren’t in the position we wanted to be. live But it has a reason of its own.”

“I didn’t expect to solve all my problems in one day. You need to be more aggressive in the game. play faster and play a better one-on-one game.”

“The players have to be aware of this. because without those things you can’t win It’s interesting to watch them. I’m here to help the team. I didn’t come to attack anyone. I know we have a lot of very talented players.

Chelsea’s next game will continue to face serious battles with Real Madrid attacking in Spain for the last 8 teams of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday, April 12, but Lampard confirmed that this event does not exist. What to be afraid of? “If you’re scared, don’t come. Any player, don’t come.”

“I’m not saying my team isn’t aggressive. It’s just that we have to work together. Wednesday will be a completely different game.