Glen Johnson warns Singh not to bring Gallagher back to the club

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Ex-Chelsea defender Glen Johnson has warned Chelsea not to bring Conor Gallagher back to the club after the promising youngster was impressing at Crystal Palace. The

21-year-old midfielder has played a key role in Patrick Vieira’s side, whose impressive performances earned him a call-up to the England senior squad against San Marino in November.

With our impressive has reported that Chelsea could pull Gallagher returned from leave on loan to help Thomas Hansen Michael in half a season later

, however, Johnson, who used to play for Chelsea. Chelsea came in 71 games, believes that the Singha team should not bring the rising star back at this time.

“I think what Conor is doing now is impressive. He is learning about football. had the opportunity to enter the field But I think he is not ready for Chelsea, not now,” Johnson said.

“That doesn’t mean He won’t do it in the future, you wouldn’t want to interrupt him by bringing him back from loan just to sit on the bench. Or miss no name in the team.”

“Of course, for him and the club. It’s better to keep him playing on loan. has developed as a player And then let’s see how far he can go before he comes

back. Pause this thought for a moment. Because they are also interested in his development. And hopefully get him back to help the team or sell him.”