Lampard explains why Chelsea lost to Wolves in his debut

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Lampard explains why Chelsea lost to Wolves in his debut.

Frank Lampard has warned Chelsea players. That talent alone is not enough. After his team’s recent defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 last night

Chelsea failed to score in a third successive league game. Their worst run since 2007, marking the start of Lampard’s return as interim manager.

“If I really analyze the performance and you want to win the Premier League game. I think you need to be more aggressive,” said Lampard.

“More speed, more duels that put you above your opponent. The norms of teams fighting for survival in the Premier League will always determine the dynamics of the outcome. regardless of what the abilities of each team player are.”

“I think players need to be aware of that. because without that You won’t be able to win the game. And you can’t be the team Chelsea used to be. And we want to go back to that point.”

“We faced a very aggressive team. They had more second balls and more duels and we weren’t good enough. I don’t mind saying that. Because I have to say that it’s true that we have to deal with.

Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard insists he doesn’t blame his team in any way. with losing Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1 last Saturday, pointing out that problems with the team. It takes some time to adjust. It’s not just coming in overnight and it can be solved immediately.