‘Matip’ tells the swans are ready to win every team if they play full hundred.

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Joel Matip believes Liverpool can beat any team this season if they maintain their level of play at 100 per cent throughout the season. With only Chelsea, Brentford and Manchester City taking the points from them last season,

Liverpool were hit by an injury problem that pushed the Premier League title defensively into the curve. But the start of the year indicates they have a chance to win the league again.

Joel Matip is confident his team has the potential to do so and says Liverpool are not afraid of either team.

“I think we are in good shape and we are not afraid of any team. But we have to play our football at full

strength as well,” said Matip. “It will be an intense and interesting season. And we have a very good team. If we can play 100 percent, I think we can beat any team.”

The good news for Liverpool this season also includes fans returning to Anfield once again. Unlike last season,

Matip realized Klopp’s side could take advantage of the hosts and said the supporters had empowered them even more.

“Playing in an empty stadium is a different thing. Of course it’s still playing football, but it feels different. When there are fans watching it, it feels more like football. It makes us stronger again “

” It’s great to have the fans watching the game back home in the Premier League. And we do our best to get the fans back on the pitch.”according to a report ufabet.