The lion was shocked. Revealed that ‘Weiss’ does not like football.

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Hans York Wiess , Weiss Swiss billionaire Not interested in taking over Chelsea because of his passion for football. But only to get rid of Roman Abramovich, who had ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has

died, news reports. Co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the famous Weiss American baseball team. has joined hands with partners to take over Chelsea Club which is in the process of negotiation and is forcing Abramovich Agreed to sell the team for less than 3 billion pounds as the set price

The news came as a surprise to the media in Switzerland very much because Wiess, despite his interest in the sport. but not with football Unless he is motivated simply to remove Abramovich from Stamford Bridge.

Blick economist Nicola Imfeld has sparked news of Weess’ interest in a Chelsea takeover. posted via twitter Give more details to the depth of the plan to buy to buy the club this time. The Swiss billionaire is actually not crazy about football games.

” To my British friends, he’s a sports fanatic.

“The fact that he is involved in the acquisition of Chelsea is a big surprise,”

said V. It’s a true Western European. If you consider his Switzerland is clearly more neutral in Western politics. I think it played an important role in keeping Weiss driven by ideology.”

“He saw Abramovich. influential people in russia contact with Putin which is at war in Ukraine.

” So this is a good opportunity to get rid of someone like this from Chelsea.”

“How will this affect Chelsea? Weess is a Swiss man of the cautious, humble, prudent way of doing everything. the ufabet report

He won’t see Chelsea as a waste of money

. to throw money to buy the UEFA Champions Champions