Try again next year? “Marotta” accepts the snakes to grab “Vlahovic” the summer before.

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Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta has revealed that they tried to sign Dusan Vlajovic from Fiorentina along with Edin Dzeko in the summer.

“Python” lost the key striker Romelu Lukaku out last summer. Which makes them have to spearhead to act in lieu of this footballer.

Inter grabbed Dzeko from Roma last summer. Which this player is doing a great job, having already scored 6 goals in the top flight of Macaroni. And occupying the top shooting star with Ciro Immobile,

however, Marotta revealed that they were trying to grab Vlajovic to join another army during the past summer. by looking at the future of the team

“We are always monitoring and assessing opportunities in the transfer market,” he said, according to TMW.

“Dzeko is our ultimate goal for sure. And we’ve tried it last season. But the ideal opportunity and promise of a club president ready to start from scratch also contributed to the deal. Including the seriousness of Roma to keep the promises made to the players as well “

“Vlajovic? We see him as a great talent. You still need a little more time before you talk about being a champion. There is a huge difference between a talent and a champion. We negotiate high-demand deals. And there is the possibility for us to grab the striker simultaneously both “

” Our goal is to Pacheco the target, followed by the Vladivostok Ho makes it no less interesting, if not an experience. Use it for the present with the players for the future.”

“It would be great. But we are happy with the performance of Dzeko, which guarantees the current performance for us.”