Tuchel backs Jorginho fit to win Ballon d’Or

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel thinks Jorginho deserves the Ballon d’Or. Although he thought that personal awards were not the most important thing,Tuchel attended the sporting event. Festival where Trento and the 48-year-old coach shared his thoughts on a number of topics.

One such issue was the Ballon d’Or with Jorginho, in which he saw players worthy of awards. It also explains the reason why Romelu Lukaku returned to Stamford Bridge:

“Jorginho deserves the Ballon d’Or. He’s a very smart player and it’s a pleasure to coach him,” Tuchel said

. For me, personal rewards are not that important. It is impossible to really compare players from different positions.”

“I want one of my players to win an award because I know how it will affect Jorginho. A great guy and a great teta player. But overall it’s not the most important thing.

“I’m sorry to the Inter fans, but like all teams. We are trying to develop our game plan. Report by ufabet.

“We are looking for big strikers, people to stand on, players who are in a position to reduce the pressure from the younger players and give us the opportunity to play football. “

Going back to England, the league he played in his youth, was important to him. I know he is a great person.”